Suicide Warning Signs Among Lesbian Teens

Suicide is a desperate attempt to release oneself from unbearable emotional pain they are experiencing. A suicidal person often feels self-hate, desperation and isolation. They believe that life cannot get any easier and so they turn to death. However, even those who may be experiencing these overwhelming feelings do not necessarily want to die, they just believe that there is no alternative. Lesbian and gay teens who feel bullied, misunderstood or unsupported in their lives may experience suicidal thoughts. If they are judged by those they most love, they may believe that there is no way for their lives to ever get better.

Suicide prevention for lesbian teens is possible. It is important to notice the warning signs of suicidal people in order for them to seek the help they need. Any talk of dying, suicide or self-harm of any kind should be taken seriously. It is a misnomer that people who talk about suicide are not actually going to follow through with it. Furthermore, if a friend or loved one is asking about obtaining a gun or other weapon and looking for access to pills, these items may be used in a suicide attempt, especially if the person has talked about death in the past. Preoccupation with death, or the belief that there is no way out of a current situation, is another common warning sign.

It is important to take suicide prevention for lesbian teens seriously. If you are worried, speak up. You may feel afraid or uncomfortable doing so, but acting right way when you sense that something is wrong is the only way to prevent suicide.