Recognize The Symptoms Of Depression In Lesbian Teens

Teenagers have a lot of their plates. Hormones are raging and it is a period of self-discovery. For many, this is a time when they discover their sexual identity. Some young women who begin identifying as lesbians may have concerns surrounding their homosexuality. It is important that young women and their loved ones understand the correlation between lesbian teens and depression. Recognizing the symptoms will help the individual take action to get the support she needs.

Despite increased knowledge and information on homosexuality, many teenagers may experience concerns around their sexual identity. For many, they may not know anyone else who is feeling the way they do. They may fear criticism from friends and family or be confused about what they are feeling. Some young women may even feel guilty or ashamed or have fears they do not know how to handle.

As a result, they can become socially isolated and withdrawn, developing depression.  Signs of depression include fatigue or a drop in energy, feelings of guilt or worthlessness, insomnia or excessive sleeping and either overeating or appetite loss. Other symptoms include a loss of interest in activities or hobbies, irritability, pessimism and thoughts of suicide or even suicide attempts.

If an individual or those close to her recognize those signs, it is important to contact someone who can help. There are many counselors and groups that can are skilled in dealing with lesbian teens and depression. Getting the young woman the support she needs can start her on a path toward recovery.

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