How to Tell if Your Lesbian Teen Has Bipolar Disorder

As teens transition into adulthood they generally experience a range of difficult and often overwhelming emotions. For lesbian teens, the emotions may be exponentially greater as they try to come to terms with their sexuality, especially when their loved ones may not agree with their lifestyle. However, it is important to understand that some lesbian teens are dealing with mood disorders that should be addressed by a professional and will not get better over time.

Bipolar disorder and lesbian teens do not necessarily go hand in hand. It may be easy to believe that your lesbian teen is merely experiencing a stressful period in their lives, but they could actually be dealing with a brain disorder that causes an imbalance in energy, mood and activity levels. The symptoms experienced are much more severe than those felt during common life stressors. For example, your teen may experience extreme mood changes. They will have an overly lengthy period of euphoria coupled with extreme irritability. They may even experience behavioral changes such as becoming easily distracted, talking fast or quickly transitioning from one idea to another, constantly taking on new projects and having trouble sleeping.

While bipolar disorder can never be cured, when effective treatments are introduced an individual may be able to achieve greater control over their illness. Mood swings may occur even with treatment of bipolar disorder and lesbian teens should consistently be evaluated by a licensed therapist in order to help recognize and control manic episodes through medication as well as therapy.

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