How Lesbian Teens Can Recognize and Deal With Panic Disorders

Panic disorder is a very serious condition that a large majority of individuals may face. In many cases it occurs during teenage years or as an individual enters into early adulthood. In many cases, panic disorder is a result of major life transitions that can cause a tremendous amount of stress. Panic disorder for lesbian teens is also common given that lesbian teens are not only transitioning into adulthood but they are embarking on a lifestyle that their friends and family may not agree with.

A panic attack comes without warning and causes an overwhelming sensation of fear. It is much more than feeling stress given that it causes a physical reaction. Someone going through a panic attack might experience a racing heartbeat, trouble breathing, paralyzing fear and dizziness. A panic attack will occur in situations where you have no immediate reason to feel stressed.

You cannot stop a panic attack once it has begun. However, panic disorder for lesbian teens is treatable with the help of a number of different therapies. Specialists can help identify possible triggers in order to reduce the occurrence of attacks. Behavioral therapies and relaxation techniques are helpful for controlling the situation once it has occurred. In some cases medication such as anti-anxiety pills or antidepressants can help calm a person and control stimuli.

Only a licensed therapist can diagnose and properly treat a panic disorder. Lesbian teens who are experiencing panic attacks should talk to their doctor in order to receive a referral to a specialist who can help.

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