Help Is Available for Lesbian Teens With Drug Problems

Many teenagers who feel helpless or confused may turn to drugs. In fact, lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgender (LGBT) youth are at a higher risk of becoming substance abusers than their heterosexual counterparts. When a young woman discovers her sexual identity, she may have many mixed emotions and use drugs as an outlet. Fortunately, there is drug abuse help for lesbian teens.

Many young lesbians may experience self-esteem and identity issues. Despite an abundance of information on homosexuality and support groups, it is possible for these young women to feel isolated and alone. When these youth do not receive support, love and acceptance, they may turn to dangerous methods of coping. These issues can be precursors to a substance abuse problem.

Help is available for these young women. Teenagers with these issues can also consult with a local LGBT group for their recommendation for a local program that can provide the kind of support the young women need. There are youth groups and community centers that provide substance abuse rehabilitation programs. Finding a good counselor experienced in drug abuse and homosexuality may be a good avenue as well. It will be important not only for the youth to treat the substance abuse problem but also the underlying issues that led to the abuse.

Identifying the substance abuse problem is the first step in helping a young lesbian struggling with these issues. A local LGBT group may be a great resource to point the individual in the right direction. It is fortunate that there are many individuals and organizations that can provide drug abuse help for lesbian teens.

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