Counseling May Help Lesbian Teens Coping With Anxiety

Teenage years are formative ones and can be a time when someone forms their sexual identity. For some youth, thinking about or experimenting with the same sex may present concerns or anxiety. In fact, several studies show a strong correlation between lesbian teens and anxiety compared to their heterosexual counterparts. However, there are ways for these youth to cope with their feelings in a safe, healthy way.

A teenage lesbian coming to terms with her sexual identity may have some concerns. This is a time in her life when she wants to “fit in,” and her anxiety may stem from feeling different from her peers or even being teased or ridiculed. The individual may also worry about how her family and friends will react when she decides to come out.

For many in this situation, counseling may be a good way to deal with the feelings they have around their sexual identity. Teens may benefit from having support from someone else as well as a chance to clearly articulate their feelings. Sometimes talking through their emotions with an unbiased person will help to ease their concerns. Additionally, the individual may learn through therapy how to adjust to any family- or peer-related issues that may emerge. A counselor can give advice on how to handle conflict or difficult conversations and situations.

It may be important for a teenager who is feeling anxious about her sexual identity to reach out for help. If she is not comfortable reaching out to friends and family members, there are counselors and organizations who specialize in lesbian teens and anxiety. Finding that support will help the young women cope with their feelings.

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